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gene mclaughlin
Gene McLaughlin

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Christian McLaughlin

The formation of G.F. McLaughlin LLC is the culmination of a long held dream. The idea that quality, integrity and trust makes a company great. Combining these core values with extensive experience in the residential home building industry makes us uniquely qualified to help make others dreams come true.


We are a family company, which includes brothers Gene and Christian McLaughlin.


Gene has been in the residential building industry for over twenty years, working with both large national builders and smaller local developers. In that time Gene has gained award winning skills in Land Development, Sales, Construction Management and Customer Service, including the most coveted Pyramid Award from the HBA of Chester and Delaware Counties as the 2006 "Project Manager of the Year".


Gene's brother, Christian McLaughlin, is the other half of the management team. Chris has had a focus on Customer Service for the last five years, serving as a Customer Care Manager for a large local developer of active adult communities.


Customer focus, however is not Chris's only talent. He has spent many years as a construction superintendent and prior to that a skilled tradesman in a diverse group of construction activities such as Framing, Plumbing , Kitchen and Bath cabinet fabrication and installation.

Our motto is "If a sub can't figure it out, Chris can".